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Yoko Nishii recipient of the Commendation from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan
The Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendations are awarded to individuals and groups with outstanding achievements, in order to acknowledge their contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries and areas. Japanese pianist Yoko Nishii (on the photo) is a recipient of the commendation for 2023. She was awarded for her continuous promotion of Croatian and Japanese music during the past 25 years, and in particular of the pianist works of Dora Pejačević, the first Croatian woman-composer of international reputation.

Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat 2023, Croatia, will take place on Sunday, August 27th
Right from the first day of the 17th Epidaurus Cavtat Festival, visitors of this renowned event will be welcomed with a true delight - an evening that equally celebrates art and the importance of peace in the world. Cavtat is a lovely small town near the city of Dubrovnik. The 2023 Epidaurus Cavtat Festival officially opens on August 27th at 8 PM with the prelude programme Together for world peace along with the opening of the exhibition The Power of Music by the Dubrovnik Association of Visual Artists DuLu. The founder and director of the Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat is Ivana Marija Vidović, distinguished Croatian pianist and poetesse (on the photo).

Mexican Mariachi music is very popular in Croatia

According to Fulanito Viajero (Mexico), the best ten Mariachi ensembles in the world (after Mexico) arrive from the following countries: Croatia!!!, Japan, USA, Spain, Slovakia, Colombia, USA, Cuba, UK, Poland. Top 10 Mejores Mariachis Extranjeros del Mundo! The best Croatian Mariachi ensemble is Los Caballeros, founded in 1998 in Croatia's capital Zagreb. They were often accompanied by distinguished Mexican harpist from Ciudad de Mexico. Many thanks to Mrs. Branka Gudelj (Canada, on the photo), for revealing us this surprising facts.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) the father of Radio Technology and Wireless Communication since 1893

The principles of Radio Communication and Wireless Communication were layed down by Nikola Tesla, distinguished Croatian - American inventor, in 1873, during his spectacular public lecture in the St Louis concert hall, in front of 5000 people. The event was described in detail by Margaret Chaney in her monograph Tesla / Man Out of Time, in Chapter 6 entitled Radio. We provide an important testimony by William Gundry Broughton, son of Henry Primm Broughton (1865-1959) who served as Tesla's assistant during his lecture in St. Louis. Nikola Tesla is the precurusor of mobile-phone technology for more than hundred years.

Yoko Nishii and Marija Vidovic held concerts in Tokyo, Tokamachi, and Osaka

In July 2023, three concerts with Marija Vidović (soprano) and Yoko Nishii (piano) were organised in Tokyo, Tokamachi and Osaka by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Japan and EU delegation to Japan, on the occasion of celebrating the Croatian Statehood Day, the 10th anniversary of the EU membership, the 30th anniversary of Establishment of diplomatic relations between Croatia and Japan. The concert included works by Croatian composers: Dora Pejačević (the first Croatian woman-composer), Ivan pl. Zajc, and Josip Hatze.

Emmanuel Vukovich Canadian violinist of Croatian roots popularizing Ukrainian folk music
Emmanuel Vukovich prepared several very nice video recordings of beautiful Ukrainean folk songs, accompanied with his violin play. He appears as soloist, recitalist, and chamber musician in venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Museum of Natural History, London, and the Hrvatski glazbeni zavod in Zagreb, Croatia, performing with such artists as Ida Haendel, Matt Haimowitz, and Alex Klein. Emmanuel is founder and artistic director of the international collaborative The Parcival Project and artistic director of Montreal’s Bach Odyssey.

Ana Vidovic incredible classical guitar perfomer and teacher

Ana Vidović, residing in the USA, was born in Karlovac near Croatia's capital Zagreb, and started playing guitar at the age of 5. At age 7, she gave her first public performance and at the age of 11 she was performing internationally.  She became the youngest student at age 13 to attend the prestigious National Musical Academy in Zagreb. In the second half of 2023 she will have solo concerts in Cordoba Spain, Ventura Ca, Girona Spain, Seattle WA, Copenhagen Denmark, Viborg Denmark. She is a wonderful classical guitar teacher, always ready to share her unique music experience with numerous guitar fans throughout the world. Her timetable of solo concerts is filled in for more than a year in advance.

Zoran Filipovic Zoro distinguished Croatian photographer
Professional photographer and writer, born in 1959 in Brčko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Zoran Filipović has lived in Croatia's capital Zagreb since 1978 where, in the last few years, he's been turning more and more towards graphic and product design. As photographer, he has worked and seen his work published in a number of distinguished world magazines, such as Paris Match, Life, Photo, Le Figaro Magazine, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin, Vogue/GQ and others. He is the author of 22 photo-monographs.

Ivana Marija Vidovic the first Croatian to join the Jury of the "Giulio Rospigliosi" competition in Italy

Among the distinguished members of the jury from the world of classical music, for the first time in the history of the competition, this year was someone from Croatia. Dubrovnik pianist and poetess Ivana Marija Vidović was alongside her distinguished colleagues Pietro de Maria and Stefano Fiuzzi, both of them presidents of the jury. The jury was also joined by the Mexican conductor Gabriela Diaz Alatriste, Hungarian pianist Istvan Szekely, the Italian pianist Adriana Silva, and the Austrian pianist, organist and conductor prof. Robert Lehrbaumer from Vienna.

Miro Gavran's plays in India and Indian actress Nimrat Kaur
Miro Gavran's plays had several hundred of premiers throughout the world, so that he is not able to follow them all. Only his play "All About Women" had as many as 53 premieres (in Zagreb, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Prague, Buenos Aires, Sarajevo, etc). she had a role in Gavran's play "All About Women". With this play, distinguished Indian actress Nimrat Kaur had the largest number of repeats, due to which she earned a nomitation for the leading theatric recognition in India. This article is a short summary of a public lecture delivered by Mr. Miro Gavran in Zagreb, organized by the Embassy of the Republic of India and by the Croatian-Indian Society.

Dr. Vesna Bosanac 1949-2022 Croatian hero of the city of Vukovar
Dr. Vesna Bosanac was born in 1949 in the city of Subotica, and her family moved to the Borovo Naselje near Vukovar when she was less than 1 year old. Her grandmother was Bunjevci Croatian. Since July 1991, during the Serbian military aggression on Croatia, she was emolyed as the director of the famous Vukovar Hospital. Until the end of 1991, during the most savage bombing and shelling of the city, The Vukovar Hospital took care of about 4000 people. About 2250 people underwent difficult and long term operations. Each day approximately 700 (seven hundred) granades was falling on the building of the hospital.

Miho Demovic 1934-2023 distinguished Croatian music historian and St Paul's shipwreck on the island of Mljet

Miho Demović, Croatian priest, defended his PhD in Germany (Koeln), dealing with the history of Croatian music in the city of Dubrovnik. He is best known for his numerous musicological studies and monographs dealing with Croatia, especially with Dubrovnik. He initiated scholarly studies of the problem of ubication of the well known shipwreck of St Paul in the 1st century AC (described in the Acts of Apostles of the New Testament), that showed that it occured near the island of Mljet near the city of Dubrovnik, and not on Malta.

Elizabeth Kera recipient of Croatian Women's Network Award
Members of the Croatian Women's Network are successful women from around the world, who share Croatian heritage and ancestry and come together to celebrate achievements, to inspire, champion and mentor younger generations. The aim is to connect like-minded members around the world. The Croatian Women's Network was founded by Caroline Spivak in Canada in 2015. One of the recipients of the Croatian Women's Network Award for 2020 is dr. Elizabeth Kera (on the photo) from New Jersey, USA, who is a specialist in the field of neuropsychology.

Yoko Nishii distinguished interpreter of pianistic works by Croatian composer Dora Pejacevic
On 5th March 2023, the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Tokyo celebrated 30 years of unwavering diplomatic ties between Croatia and Japan. The esteemed presence of H.I.H. Princess Tsuguko of Takamado and other distinguished guests who have contributed significantly to our relations made the event even more special. The celebration was further enhanced by a wonderful performance of Japanese pianist Yoko Nishii (on the photo), paying tribute to the legendary Croatian composer Dora Pejačević on the 100th anniversary of her passing on the same day in 1923.

Marija Miletic Dail 1934-2022 filmmaker from "Zagreb Film" Croatia to her "Animation Cottage" USA

Maria Miletić Dail started at "Zagreb Film" in Croatia, continued as animator in Canada and Hollywood, worked upward into the position of director and producer. She was interested in meaningful filmmaking using original ideas. Worked in own "Animation Cottage" studio with twenty artists on ABC network series of specials. Tried to keep all work inside USA. She lectured at UCLA, CalArts and CCLA on animation. For her film "Think Earth" she won Presidential award in 1992. Her husband Sukhdev S. Dail (from India, Sikh) she prepared a few films dealing with Indian themes.

Miroslav Blazevic 1935-2023 legendary Croatian football trainer
Miroslav Ćiro Blažević was a legendary trainer of Croatian football representation. Under his leadership, it won sensational thrid place at the 1998 FIFA World Championship in Paris. Due to his leadership, Croatian football representation became universaly known. Under his baton, his team was composed of world class sportsmen such as Davor Šuker, Zvonimir Boban, Slaven Bilić, Robert Jarni, Robert Prosinečki, Igor Štimac, and others. His successor Zlatko Dalić, also born in BiH, considers himself to be a student of Ćiro Blažević.

Dubrovnik gets a new sister city – Sorrento in Italy due to an initiative of Ivana Marija Vidović

The Charter on twinning and cooperation between the City of Dubrovnik and the City of Sorrento was signed on Feb 5, 2023, by two mayors, Mato Franković on behalf of the City of Dubrovnik and Massimo Coppola on behalf of the City of Sorrento. The Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra and the Sorrento Dubrovnik Festival, as well as the Dubrovnik pianist Ivana Marija Vidović and conductor maestro Paolo Scibilia, are the most responsible for the intensification of cooperation between the two cities.

Paul Bradbury: Life as a Croatian Postman on the island of Hvar

Of all the interviews and feature stories that Paul Bradbury has done on his Total Croatia News internet project over the years, few were as much fun as an impromptu interview with his local postman over a beer in the town of Jelsa one day in 2016, as he explained to him the incredible Dalmatian GPS system they used to deliver mail on island of Hvar, Croatia. Mr. Bradbury lives in Croatia since 2003. He has published more than two thousand articles about various aspects of culture, life and bussiness in Croatia.

Joginder Singh Nijjar recipient of an Indian state recognition for streghtening links with Croatia

Mr Joginder Singh Nijjar, Croatian citizen of Indian origin, received the presitigious Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award 2023 in recognition of his contribution in the field of Art & Culture/Education. Mr. Singh was awarded during the Valedictory Session of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Convention 2023 on 10 January 2023 by the President of India Mrs. Droupadi Murmu, also in the presence of Mr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, serving as the Minister of External Affairs of the Governement of India. The ceremony took place in the city of Indore, capital of the state of Mhadya Pradesh in central India.

Buddha - one of the most popular saints in the Christian calendar of the Middle Ages

Could you ever imagine that one of the most popular saints in the Christian calendar of the Middle Ages was - Buddha? After ten years of researche, Katarina Livljanić and her ensemble Dialogos, bring the incredible story of saints Barlaam and Josaphat, a christianized version of Buddha's life, which crossed over at least four religions and was transmitted through almost all the medieval languages. Powerful songs sing the legend about the king's son, prince Josaphat, who leaves the noisy world of opulence to search for inner peace - songs which follow the path of his story from one medieval language to another, from Greek, Latin to Old Croatian, Italian, Church Slavonic...

Janica Kostelić eternalized in 2002 at Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

Janica Kostelić is without any doubt the greatest female skier of all times: she won three gold medals and one silver at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, USA. She also won five gold medals at the World Championships. In World Cup competition, she won thirty individual races, three overall titles, three slalom titles, and four combined titles. She is the greatest Croatian sportswoman in history. Her brother Ivica Kostelić is the most successful Croatian skier in history. Their successes are a result of a long-term family project, directed by their father Ante Kostelić.

National Mathematics Day of India marked in Zagreb Croatia on 22nd December 2022

According to the initiative of H. E. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava, the National Mathematics Day of India was marked in Zagreb on 22nd December 2022. Each such event is dedicated to the memory of Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887-1920), the greatest Indian mathematician in history. Several Croatian mathematicians participated in the event: Professors Hrvoje Kraljević, Marko Tadić (Fellow of Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Marcela Hanzer, Rudi Mrazović, and Neven Elezović. The first such event was organized in Zagreb in December 2021.

Ivana M. Vidovic in Granada with Frano Kakarigi - encounter of pianist and double bassist

For any musician who has been involved in music, in this context classical, since early childhood, performing in the imposing and magnificent Granada with a Spanish-Hispanic repertoire perfectly arranged with great colleagues in the ensemble, but also with another Croat, Frano Kakarigi, our respected double bass player from Dubrovnik with an address in Granada, it is probably like one of the dreams come true that all those who are truly involved in music could long for!

Anthony F. Lucas the father of Petroleum Engineering entering into the history of cooking
Anthony F. Lucas (1856-1928), born in the city of Split, Croatia, discovered the first major gusher in 1901, in Texas, Spindletop. He is the father of Petroleum Engineering. An excellent illustration of the possibilities of this petroleum was provided at a dinner given at Port Arthur, Tex., in 1901 to the directors of a large producing and refining company. A special salad was served with some show of ceremony and, after the guests had partaken of it, the toast-master asked them for their gastronomic opinions. The verdict was favorable — unanimously so. They then were informed that the oil used on the salad was not a ' 'Lucca oil," but a "Lucas oil".

MICROBLINK a mobile vision software development company founded in Croatia in 2012
Microblink is a mobile vision software development company. BlinkID enables scanning of over 100 international identity documents including driving licenses, national identity cards, passports and others. PDF417 SDK or WEB API enables scanning and parsing 1D and 2D barcodes such as QR, PDF417, and others. PhotoPay SDK captures payment information from standardized and non-standard payment slips and it's often used in mobile banking apps. BlinkReceipt SDK captures raw OCR data or structured information from retail receipts. This technology grew out from experience accumulated from PhotoMath, created by Jurica Cerovec and his colleagues in Croatia's capital Zagreb.

Croatian football team winning bronze medal of golden glitter at the 2022 World Championship in Qatar
Croatia 2 - Marocco 1 is a result in Qatar which enabled Croatia winning its second bronze medal (in 1998 in France and in 2022), besides silver medal won in 2018 (in the Russian Federation). Continuity of excellent results of Croatian team are due not only to talent, but also to perserverance and hard work, under the baton of Zlatko Dalić, and under the baton of Ćiro Blažević in France. The result is all the more amazing when one sees some truly top quality representations being left behind Croatia: Brazil, England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Japan, Marocco, Italy, Belgium, etc. (altogether 211 countries).

United States and Republic of Croatia sign new Income Tax Treaty

The National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation (NFCA) is pleased to announce that on Wednesday, December 7th at the U.S. Department of State that Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment Jose W. Fernandez and Croatia's Minister of Finance Dr. Marko Primorac, signed a comprehensive income tax treaty between the United States and Croatia. This article was written by Mr. Steve Rukavina, USA (on the photo).

Croatia 1 (4) - Brazil 1 (2) at the World Football Tournament in Qatar 2022

Croatia, opponents should know by now, does not exit the World Cup without a fight. The Brazilians got a late goal. The Croatians answered with an even later one scored by Bruno Petković (on the photo; born in the city of Metković). The game went to a penalty-kick shootout. And only then, with eight quick kicks breaking a tie after 120 minutes could not, was it over. Croatia was heading to the semifinals. (The New York Times. Croatian coach Zlatko Dalić: "We have a strong character and we do not give up. We were prepared for everything today. We knew that as the game unfolded, our chances would improve."

Japan 1 (1) - Croatia 1 (3) at the 2022 World Championship in footaball in Qatar

The teams of Japan and Croatia couldn't be separated in 90 minutes, pushing the match into extra-time for the first time in this edition of the FIFA World Cup. Even in the extra-time, the two teams couldn't be separated. The Croatian goalkeeper Dominik Livaković (on the photo) stepped up in the shootout as his side secured a 3-1 (1-1) win in the penalty shootout. Dominik Livaković is married to Helena, who is these days with him in Qatar.

Tatiana Tajci Cameron Croatian singer in the USA

In 2019, Tajci launched a new touring show with Live on Stage agency. Tajci's recent biographical book "(un)Broken" combines poetry and song to augment memories from her diary that chronicle her intimate accounts of how music and the creative process can promote the healing of emotional pain. Tajci is co-songwriter of Olivia Newton-John's latest hit single "Window in the Wall". She is a Board Member of Nashville Peacemakers, a Better Decisions volunteer mentor at TN State Prison for Women, and a volunteer presenter for EndSlaveryTN.

Martina Filjak - the official portrait of distinguished Croatian pianist
One of the most exciting artists to emerge in recent years, Martina Filjak is garnering international praise for her poetic passion and technical mastery at the keyboard as well as for her charismatic personality and magnetic stage presence. The artist's extensive repertoire ranges from Bach to Berio and encompasses more than 30 piano concertos. She is dedicated to continuous exploring of piano literature and various concert formats. Based in Berlin, Martina speaks seven languages.

George Mikan Lakers Jersey Retirement Ceremony in 2022

The Los Angeles Lakers retired George Mikan's No. 99 jersey in a ceremony on October 30, 2022, when the Lakers hosted the Denver Nuggets at Arena. All fans in attendance received a George Mikan replica jersey. The 1948 National Basketball League MVP and four-time All-Star helped lead the then Minneapolis Lakers to five championships (1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, 1954) and was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1959. Donning a Lakers uniform, Mikan led the league in scoring in three consecutive seasons (1948-51) and was the league's leading rebounder in back-to-back campaigns (1951-53). He was six-times the All-NBA First Team selection.

Croatian - Indian Links, monograph marking 30 years of diplomatic relations 1992-2022

The publication Croatian-Indian Links: Thirty Chapters for Thirty Years of Diplomatic Relations (1992-€“2022) marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between and India and Croatia and highlights a legacy in which the contributions of our writers, scholars, artists, travellers, politicians are unified in one volume. Some chapters in the volume present certain important individuals and others present some themes or groups of individuals. Preparing this publication was suggested by H. E. Mr. Raj Kumar Srivastava, ambassador of India to Croatia (on the photo).

Ping Pong Parkinson World Championship in Pula, Croatia 2022
U pulskoj dvorani Mate Parlov započelo je Ping Pong Parkinson World Championship Pula 2022, Svjetsko prvenstvo u stolnom tenisu za osobe s dijagnozom Parkinsonove bolesti. Na svjetskom prvenstvu, koje je trajalo od 12. do 16. listopada 2022., došlo je više od 400 sudionika, članova pratnje i natjecatelja iz 22 države svijeta. Pokretač ovog prvenstva je neprofitna američka zaklada Ping Pong Parkinson, kojoj je na čelu hrvatsko-američki glazbenik Nenad Bach, izvođač, producent i mirovni aktivist, i sam obolio od Parkinsona.

Borna Coric winning Cincinnati Tennis Masters in 2022

Ranked No. 152 and in the tournament via a protected ranking, Čorić capped a remarkable week that included a second round victory over Rafael Nadal with a brilliant final that no doubt marks the 25-year-old Croatian as a dark horse contender at Flushing Meadows. The title was the third of Čorić career but his first since 2018 and will see him jump up the rankings to world No. 29 on Monday and he will be seeded at the U.S. Open. Among Croatian tennis players, Marin Čilić won the Cincinnati ATP Tournament in 2016.

Michael Buble Canadian global singing star of Croatian / Italian origin
Michael Buble has Croatian roots on his father's side, and Italian on his mother's side. More precisely, Michael Steven Buble was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada in 1975, the son of Lewis Buble, a fisherman with Croatian ancestry from the island of Lošinj, and Amber (nee Santaga), of Italian origin. He and his wife Luisana Lopilato have four children. The second name Buble is Croatian, and should be pronounced as boobl:e. Michael Buble visited Croatia in 2019, and had an emotional 2-hour concert in the city of Zagreb.

Epidaurus Festival, Cavtat, Croatia, 3 – 18 September 2022, directed by Ivana Marija Vidovic

The XVI-th Epidaurus Festival in Cavtat near Dubrovnik has international character, consisting of music and arts perfomances. The participants arrive from Argentina - Luis Horacio Caruana, Mariano Siccardi, Holland - Marijke Brekelmans and Ronald Drenton, Canada - Sunny Maria Ritter, Ukraine - Irina Smirnova, Italy - Piano duo Aventaggiato Matarrese, and representing Croatia - Diego Vitasović, Nika Ružarija Orepić, Miloš and Olivera Krivokapić, Đuro Vidmarović, Radojka Šverko, Ksenija Prohaska, etc. The spiritus movens is indefatigable Ivana Marija Vidović, the founder and director of the Festival (on the photo, on the right).

Nenad Bach & PingPongParkinson appearing at ESPN / Princess Zeina Rashid of Jordan, visited the WTTC

ESPN produced segment about Nenad Bach and his journey through diagnosis of Parkinson. ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is an American-based global cable and satellite television channel. Her Royal Highness, Princess Zeina Rashid of Jordan, visited the WTTC (World Table Tennis Center) on Sunday, February 6th 2022, as the first stop on her visit to New York metro area to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the global non-profit PingPongParkinson. The purpose of Princess Zeina's visit to the New York Metro area was to participate in celebrating and promoting the growth of PingPongParkinson.

Yoko Nishii's pianist concert tour in Croatia for 2022: Vinkovci, Županja, Vukovar, Rijeka

Yoko Nishii is touring Croatia again: Vinkovci, 12th September (Music school "Josip Runjanin" at 19:00), Županja, 13th September u 19:30 (Pastoral - cultural center), Vukovar, 15th September at 19 sati (Marble Hall of Eltz Palace). Yoko Nishii is a Japanese pianist. She speaks Croatian, and until now had 50 soloist concerts throughout Croatia, in as many as 24 cities and towns.

Mladen Bestvina delivered a plenary lecture at International Congress of Mathematicians for 2022

Professor Mladen Bestvina (on the photo with his wife) is a Croatian-Americna mathematician, born in 1959 in the city of Osijek, Croatia. He completed his studies of Mathematics at the University of Zagreb. He was a successful competitor at International Mathematical Olympiads for High School students. In the past twenty years he achieved spectacular results in Geometric Group Theory, for which he had an honor of delivering a plenary lecture on 10th July 2022 at the International Congress of Mathematicians. The ICM is organized every fourth year, and for each Congress about 14 pleanry lecturers are chosen who had the most important contributions in the field of Mathematical sciences in the previous period.

Peljesac bridge connecting Croatia with EU and China
The Peljesac Bridge, constructed by a Chinese consortium led by the China Road and Bridge Corporation, across the Bay of Mali Ston in the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia, connecting the country's mainland with the Peljesac Peninsula, has officially opened to traffic on Tuesday, making it easier for locals to travel. As the largest construction project of transportation infrastructure since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Croatia, the Peljesac Bridge, 2,440 meters long and 22.5 meters wide, is also a model project for China, Croatia and the EU to carry out tripartite cooperation.

Gustav Likan 1912-1998 distinguished Croatian-American painter and the Father of Acrylics
Known as the Father of Acrylics, Gustav Likan was originally from Croatia, he lived and painted in Argentina, Chicago and finally in 1969 he moved to Austin. In 1950 he began a two year commission for Eva Peron, painting murals in all the Argentina schools. He emigrated to South America in 1950 where he began a two-year commission for Eva Peron painting murals in the schools of Argentina. He later moved to the United States arriving in Chicago in 1957. He was appointed to the staff of The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts as an instructor where he taught until 1967. The remainder of his life he resided in Texas. He taught at the Laguna Gloria Museum in Austin.

Nikola Tesla connecting India and Croatia

On 2nd and 3rd July 2022, an excursion was organized by the Croatian-Indian Society in Zagreb (CIS), jointly with CIGRE-Croatia. The aim was to learn more about Nikola Tesla's education in Croatia (Tesla spent the first 20 years of his life in Croatia) and about his role in the history of Electrical Engineering. The first day, we visited the Museum of the Castle of Ozalj and two Hydroelectric plants of Ozalj on the beautiful Kupa river. The second day, we visited the city of Gospić and the village of Smiljan, where Nikola Tesla was born. Among 14 participants of the excursion, there were five citizens of India.

Hrvojka Mihanovic Salopek: Digital Recording of the Croatian Mariological Heritage
This cultural project is carried out under the auspices of the Committee for Education, Science and Culture of the Croatian Parliament and the Council for Culture of the Croatian Conference of Bishops. Videos are published in English and Croatian (Digital Recording of the Croatian Mariological Heritage, i.e., Digitalno snimanje hrvatske marijanske baštine). The Project leader, scenarist and director: Hrvojka Mihanović-Salopek, Ph.D., employed at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb.

Werner Ilic and Martin Cruickshank two Croatian defenders paddled across the Atlantic in 2022

Werner Ilić and Martin Cruickshank (right and left), Croatian defendors from 1990s, successfuly paddled across the Atlantic Ocean during 83 days (i.e., almost three months). They travelled 5500 kms from Canari Islands to Barbados (from 15th January to 22nd March 2022). In this way, Croatia has been included into the list of 32 countries which have paddlers accross oceans. Mr. Werner Ilić is a Croatian born in Germany, while Marti Cruickshank is of Scottish provenance, living in Croatia in the town of Velika Gorica near Zagreb, where he is happily married.

Luka Modric has won Champions League 5 times with Real Madrid until 2022

Luka Modric has won Champions League 5 times with Real Madrid (until 2022). Modric is the only one who has stolen the show from Ronaldo & Messi- duel for the Ballon D'or in 2018. He has been picked by many football experts as one of the best midfielders in the football history. In addition to this, each Champions League in the past 10 years (ie., since 2021) had at least one Croatian player in the finals, which servs as a clear indication of the presence of Croatian players in European top football. in the period of 2013-2022, each winning team of Champions League had at least one Croatian player. Luka Modric made a significant conbtribution to the series of titles achieved by Real Madrid.

Nikola Tesla's lecture in the city of Zagreb in 1892

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was born in Croatia, where he spent his young formative years. Out of his 87 years, he spent the first 20 in Croatia, and in the USA about 60 years. In 1892 he visited the city of Zagreb, where he was invited by Milan Amruš, the Mayor of the city. On May 24th, 1892, Nikola Tesla presented some of his advices how to electrify the city using his AC (alternating current) polyphase system. On this occasion, he said the following: "I consider it as my duty, as a native son of this country, to assist the Zagreb City Council in this matter and help in every way I can." Tesla arrived to Zagreb on 22nd May, and left it on 26th May.

Japan - Croatia events in Tokyo in May 2022
Five generations of Japanese Ambassadors to Croatia, hosted by the Croatian Ambassador H. E. Mr. Dražen Hrastić and his spouse Mrs. Blaženka Hrastić, gathered together for an evening on 16 May 2022 that brought back nostalgic stories of their time in Croatia. On that occasion, Yoko Nishii had a mini concert. Yoko Nishii had the honor of performing also at the Spring Afternoon Tea for the spouses of ambassadors of various countries at Croatian Embassy on 19 May 2022, hosted by Croatian ambassador'€™s spouse Mrs. Blaženka Hrastić.

Blessed Easter Greetings from the city of Solin, Croatia

The city of Solin, near the city of Split, sends us a wonderful Easter greeting in the form of a traditional Croatian song "Puče moj" (My People, or Populus meus in Latin). It is interpreted in a contemporary way by the choir of Veritas aeterna (Eternal Truth) in the church of sv. Obitelji (Sacred Family) in Solin. Arranged by Antonio Grkeš, the soloists are Ante Mlikota, Ana Dobrijević, Antonio Grkeš, Doruntina Qivlaku. The Croatian original verses are translated into English. We also provide a very nice traditional Croatian melody for "Psalm 51" arranged by Ivanski from Kaštel Sućurac (in the vicitnty of Split).

Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra performing at Codagan Hall in London on 14 April 2022
The Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra boasts 150 years of tradition of first-class musicianship in Zagreb and across Croatia. Under the baton of conductor Jan Latham-Koenig, the Orchestra performs Sibelius' Violin Concerto, with one of Britain's most active concerto soloists and recitalists, violinist Tamsin Waley-Cohen. Over the decades, the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra has stimulated Croatian musical creativity by performing, premiering and recording numerous pieces of music by Croatian composers and this concert will open with four short songs for voice and orchestra by Dora Pejačević sung by Croatian soprano Marija Vidović, on the photo.

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